Siblings at our Children's Home

Darv and Deoun came to live at our Sunbeam Kids Children's Home in 2010.  It has been such a pleasure having them part of our Sunbeam Kids Family.  Darv and Deoun are identical twin sisters.  At first it was really hard to tell them apart as they liked playing games on you by changing their hair styles.  Both girls have grown into their own identity.

Please pray about helping Deoun with her need of a scholarship for tuition at Dewey International School.



Needs Help

Tuition $30/mo

Deoun is thirteen years old, and there is a certain grace about her. It dances through the way she moves and speaks, and a gentleness flows through all that she does. When she sings and dances, she closes her eyes and smiles, feeling the music fill her soul. You can feel her joy and contentment simply by standing beside her.  She loves dancing to songs about Jesus.

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