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​Sunbeam Kids International


Who We Are

Here at Sunbeam Kids International, we and our Partners have a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place by showing God's love to the people.  We care about both their spiritual condition and their physical, economic plight.  Currently our heart has turned to the Kingdom of Cambodia.  Giving them a Hope and changing their Future.

What We Do

Touching lives - one at a time

A safe, loving and nurturing environment.

Sunbeam Kids Children's



Reaching 63,000+ children each week.

Children's Bible Clubs

The Streets

Reaching young people with the Gospel in Ratanakiri Province.

Student Ministry


English class as a ministry.  Reaching 250+ students who learn English and the Bible

Grace English Classes


Help destitute children to go to school. Teach proper hygiene, nutrition and supplement food.

Children at Risk

The Streets

Help us do great things by a series of giving brought together.

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