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Sunbeam Kids

      Village Bible Clubs

Reaching over 63,000+ children each week.

There has been an ongoing move of God among the children. 

Our incredible children's Pastors are reaching out with

God's love through our weekly Sunbeam Kids Bible Clubs.

God spoke to our hearts to put together simple stories from the Bible with a corresponding picture to color for the children of Cambodia.


The Bible Clubs  materials have remained pretty much the same.  The children love it!  They look forward to our children's Pastors coming every week to share with them another story from the Bible. 


Many of these children are in remote village areas where there are no churches nearby. 


For them to hear that there is a God who is so full of Mercy and so full of Love is life changing. They believe in Christ and develop a personal relationship with Him. 


Often whole families come to Christ.

God' is so full of Mercy...So full of Love...

Help Us Reach the Children

in Cambodia

$25/month reaches        125 children

$50/month reaches        250 children

$100/month reaches      500 children


One-time gift appreciated,

monthly commitments needed.

Prayers welcomed!

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We Need Your Help

"Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14                         

How can they hear unless they are sent? There is a move of God in Cambodia to touch the lives of little children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our Village Bible Clubs.  Over 425 Children Pastors go out on their circuit during the week to minister to the children in Cambodia's remote villages. 


We give a small love-offering to them and help pay for their fuel as they travel from village to village.  Each month they are given packets of 4-5 lessons, which includes coloring pages and crayons.

Our Village Bible Club ministry has ongoing monthly expense to reach the 63.000+ children every week.  It cost us 20 cents per child for an Entire Month per child. Our materials are simple, but effective.  Our leaders serve diligently - going with the Gospel to some places where others would not dare to go.

You can have part in this move of God.

Through prayer, giving, or both.

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