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Sunbeam Kids Orphanage


Nita and her brother Chann were the first children to come and live at the Sunbeam Kids Orphanage in July, 2007.  They both have been such a blessing and Godly example for the other children.  In 2015 Chann moved into a room above our Church that is connected to the orphanage property.  It was a good move for him as he was 19 years old, but still be able to eat with his sister.  In 2017 Chann got a job and moved out because he was able to support himself.


Nita attends Dewey International School and is in 12th grade.  She wants to continue her education and go to college.  We are proud of her.  She is a lovely young lady who shows her love for Jesus to those around her.  So thankful to her sponsors who have put into her life for so many years.




We are so thankful that

Nita is fully sponsored

Nita is seventeen, full of energy and passion. She walks in the room and her strength of character almost knocks you down. She is resilient, resolved to overcome obstacles and become all that she was designed to be in her studies and her spiritual life. When she smiles, your world lights up. There is a power to her that you cannot deny, and her excitement is positively contagious.


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