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Our Cambodian staff works closely with the Cambodian Child Welfare Department.  With their approval children are placed into our care after other avenues have been exhausted and there is no other place for a child to go.  

These vulnerable children having either been abandoned by their family or having lost one or both their parents to sickness, accident, or disaster, they have no one to care for them.  Born into poverty, these poor children most of the time have to fend for themselves everyday to survive.  They have no access to basic medical care, adequate housing, proper clothing, or nutritious meals.

Every day is a challenge for them to survive one more day. If an orphan or abandoned child does not find an adult to love them and to provide for their basic needs, they stand little chance of having a bright future. However, there is hope for each of these children - You!


"We pray that you are moved with love and compassion to help these precious children that God has placed in our care.  It will be a blessing for you to know you provided for their needs, but most important that they learn that there is a God who loves them and has an ETERNAL HOPE and FUTURE for them."   


Sunbeam Kids Orphanage name has been changed to Sunbeam Kids Children's Home.  Many of our children have lost either one or both parents or been abandoned, however all would not qualify as "Orphans".  Sunbeam Kids Children's Home reflects that it is a home to children who are destitute, orphaned, or abandoned. 

Wilma Mishler, Founder & President

Sunbeam Kids International

Jerry & Wilma 2018.jpg

Wilma & Jerry Mishler have been full-time missionaries in Cambodia Since January, 2002.  They saw the plight of how orphaned, destitute and abandoned children suffer in silence. 

With their Sunbeam Kids International Board's approval, Sunbeam Kids Orphanage in Cambodia was founded in June of 2007.

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