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Sunbeam Kids Children's Home

Sponsorship and Scholarship Information

Our children's home is not in a rural area, so the cost of living is much higher.  We have five staff members that are paid a good salary, plus food, room and board.  Each month we trust God to provide for the cost of food, clothing, household items, salaries and utilities.  This puts the cost of home care per child at $105 per month (does not include school).   

Due to Cambodia's struggling school system, all our children attend Dewey International School so they can have a good education.  Most of our children are enrolled in both the Khmer (Cambodian) curriculum in the morning and the English curriculum in the afternoon.   The cost for tuition, uniforms, school supplies, snacks and transportation runs $100 per child each month that attend both morning and afternoon classes.  It costs $60 per child each month for those who attend the Khmer classes only.

So we have split sponsorship since to fully sponsor a child in everything ranges from $165 to $200 per month.  Some of our children have just one sponsor, but most have several. 

Available monthly Sponsorship for home care can be various combinations:

                        3 Sponsors @ $35 = $105   

                        1 Sponsor @ $70 and 1 @ $35 = $105

                        1 Sponsor @ $105


Available monthly Scholarship for school can be various combinations:

                        4 Sponsors @ $25 = $100  (Khmer Class & English Class)

                        2 Sponsors @ $50 = $100  (Khmer Class & English Class)

                        2 Sponsors @ $30 = $60 (Khmer Class).

Over the last ten years of having the Sunbeam Kids Children's Home, the combination cost of food, wages, utilities has increased 50%, mostly food and wages.  School has increased from $20 per month to $60-$100 per month.  We wished it wasn't so, but unfortunately it is.   


Also over the last ten years we have had sponsors who retired, their financial situation changed, or passed away.  This made a child have sponsorship or scholarship needs.


We are so thankful to God for touching peoples hearts, we couldn't do it without the help of many faithful partners.

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