Before they came

Siblings at our Children's Home

Nai and Nat are twin boys.  They recently joined our Sunbeam Kids Family in October, 2018.   Even though they are just about 7 years old, they had hardly attended school.   Now they are both enrolled in Dewey International School to make sure they get a proper education.  It was a blessing to be able to keep these siblings together in a loving, healthy and Godly environment.

Needs Help

Tuition  $30/mo



Nai is his own little man even though he and his brother are hard to tell apart.  For all that Nai has been through, it is amazing to see this little boy bring such joy to our Children's Home.  The other kids just love him.  He is six years old and going to kindergarten and loves school.  He is up ready to go on the tuk tuk by 6:30 am.  We are so blessed that God sent us this precious boy.



Nat and his twin brother have been such a blessing to all of us at the Children's Home.  They have lovingly been nick names "the happy boys", because they always smile and are so funny.  Nat, like his brother is six years old and enrolled in kindergarten at Dewey International School.  We are excited to see how God will touch the lives of this awesome little boy.

Needs Help

Tuition  $30/mo

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