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Sunbeam Kids Orphanage


Makara and his brother Sochea came to be part of our Sunbeam Kids Orphanage Center in 2014.  They both seemed to adjust to the life being part of a big family.  As Sochea got older, now being almost 13 it seemed hard for him to be in a large family.  After much prayer and seeking council, Sochea moved in with his grandmother about three hours away.  Makara does not want to live with his grandmother as he knows she won't be able to take care of the both of them and he would no longer be going to school. 


Please pray for these brothers as they miss each other a lot.  We are never happy to separate siblings, but we do the best with the ability God has given us.  Makara loves going to Dewey International School.  He participates a lot in Church learning about Jesus and Bible time at the Center.




We are so thankful that

Makara is fully sponsored

Makara is a sweet-heart. No matter where he is, what he is doing or what time of day it is, Makara will always stop and give you a hug. He is a very attentive young boy.   He loves to connect and communicate, and brings a warmth to the world around him.


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