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In June of 2007 we opened up Sunbeam Kids Orphanage.  Chiva, Tulah and Montha are some of the first children who came to live at our Sunbeam Kids Orphanage and arrived in December, of 2007. All three of them have an incredible desire to know God in a deeper way, and to also succeed in life - studying hard for their future.  They are all enrolled in Dewey International School to make sure they get a proper education they deserve.  It was a blessing to be able to keep these siblings together in a loving, healthy and Godly environment.

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Seventeen year-old Chiva is bright, spirited and sensitive. During Bible studies, she does not just listen, she listens intently, asking questions and holding onto every word. She does not just accept an answer, she wants to know why. She is at the top of her classes, and she wants to become a doctor. With her intelligence & diligence, she will go very far in life.

We are so thankful that

Chiva is fully sponsored




We are so thankful that

Tulah is fully sponsored

Now sixteen, Tulah is a bright, strong, happy young man. His laughing expression is infectious, and when he smiles you cannot help from smiling back. He has a heart for helping others and the zeal to do so, and he wants to become a doctor in the future.




Eighteen and nearing her high-school graduation date, Montha is ready to take the world by storm. Bold, bright and loving.  She excels in all that she does, leading her way in both her classes and home life. She cares for her fellow brothers and sisters at the orphanage, watching over them all like a mother. In Bible study, she translates for the group leaders, becoming the bridge between the lessons and the learning. She has dreams of going to a university and becoming a teacher, and she has the determination and will to make it happen

We are so thankful that

Montha is fully sponsored


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