Siblings at our Children's Home

Thorn, Nai, Thai and Nim came to live at our Sunbeam Kids Children's Home in October, 2009.   They had hardly attended school, now they are all enrolled in  Dewey International School to make sure they get a proper education.  They are such wonderful children and have been a blessing to have become part of our Sunbeam Kids Children's Home in Cambodia.  We have been privileged to see them grow in a loving, healthy and Godly environment.

Tha, Nai and Nim have been fully sponsored, however Thorn still needs help.  Please pray about providing for her Tuition.



At eighteen years old, Thorn is a sweet, friendly girl with a big imagination and heart. She is in 10th grade.

Thorn enjoys drawing, and she is becoming a great artist, asking for references and pictures to practice with. Unassuming and humble, she is honest and open about how she feels and how she is struggling, never holding back or giving half-truths. She makes you feel loved and welcome whenever you are near her.

Needs Help

Tuition $30/mo


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