Siblings at our Children's Home

Sochann, Tito, Leakina and Sony are four lovely children who came to live at our Sunbeam Kids Children's Home in October 2012.  They had hardly attended school, now they are all enrolled in Dewey International School to make sure they get a proper education.  It was a blessing to be able to keep these siblings together in a loving, healthy and Godly environment.

Needs Help

Tuition  $30/mo



At eleven years old, Tito is feisty, funny and sharp as a tack. He is fast as lightning and the first one to join in any game. He is talkative and easily excited, overjoyed when someone takes the time to listen or play a game of tag. He speaks in paragraphs, not sentences, and he is eager to teach. Though Tito is smaller than most of the kids around him, he brings a huge presence into the room, lighting up the faces of the people around him.


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