Siblings at our Children's Home

Titi, Lyta, Yorth and Yann came to live at our Sunbeam Kids Children's Home in May, 2011.  Yorth and Yann had hardly been to school.   They were all enrolled in Dewey International School.  Yann who was almost 12 at the time, was placed in first grade since the government requires a child to start at the beginning if they have had no previous education.  When Yann turned 18 he was in 6th grade.  The age difference was too much for him to bear.  Just imagine, he would have to shave before going to school to attend 6th grade.  Last year Yann's Aunt and Uncle took him in to live with them.  


His brothers and sister miss him so much, as do all of us.  It was a blessing to be able to keep these siblings together for six years, and now the three of them remain in a loving, healthy and Godly environment.  Please consider helping with the remaining needs for Titi's Tuition or Home Care.



Needs Help

Tuition $30/mo

Home Care $35/mo

Now eleven years old, Titi is sweet and shy. He enjoys playing with the other boys, but he is always ready to stop and give you a hug whenever you drop by. A kind of brightness follows him wherever he goes, and he is always ready with a smile when he sees you. He cares about how others think and feel, and he watches others carefully.

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