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Sunbeam Kids



Our History


In July of 2003 we restructured. Jerry started training the Cambodian nationals who were full of the Holy Spirit and wanted to serve God. They were eager to reach their nation for Christ. By 2005 we had 45 leaders going out reaching 3,500 adults and 2,000 children attending house churches and village Bible Clubs. They serve God full-time out in the field. Because the ministry was getting large we had to restructured once more.

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Slow beginning

Since January, 2002 Jerry and Wilma Mishler  have been in Cambodia with the Great Commission in the forefront. First it went very slow as at that time it was only Jerry would go out into the villages to preach the Gospel with his translator. House churches were established and they were visited weekly. The people were so hungry for God that after a short period of time there were too many house churches to see each week.


Established a Local NGO

We established a Local NGO for the Pastors, so if the doors would ever close in Cambodia to foreign missionaries, the Local NGO would be able to continue.  On the Frontline Ministries, Inc. fully supports the entire adult related work of the Local NGO in Cambodia, which was given the name of “Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ”, (SGJC).  Chemm Sokin is the Director, Jerry Mishler is on the Board as their Financial Advisor/overseer, and Spiritual Advisor. 


Sunbeam  Kids International

In 2008 Sunbeam Kids International was founded by Wilma Mishler.  Although a separate 501(c) 3, non-profit organization, it works hand in hand with the Local NGO in Cambodia, "Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ".  Sunbeam Kids International oversees the funding of our Sunbeam Kids Orphanage, in Battambang, Cambodia, and also handles and funds all children's ministries.

We appreciate our Boards

This ministry appreciate those on the Board of On the Frontline Ministries and Sunbeam Kids International.  The great success of this ministry would not have been possible without their prayers, their love for us, for God's work, wisdom, encouragement, support and hard work. 

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