Frequently Asked Questions

 Sponsorship and Scholarship  

  Sunbeam Kids Children's Home  

How long is my Sponsorship commitment?

There is no time limit on your Sponsorship commitment.  If you choose to stop your sponsorship, just let us know and we will trust God to provide another Sponsor.


Will I receive information about my sponsored child?

YES!  We ask that when you sign up you email Wilma Mishler, President, Sunbeam Kids International.  Drop her a line letting her know who you sponsored.  This way also she can have your email address.  Email Wilma @ mishlerjerry@hotmail.com.  Wilma will send you information on your child.  You will receive throughout the year some pictures, praise & prayer requests and an update on your child.


Does my child have more than one Sponsor?

Children at Risk SponsorshipEach child only has one $35.00 Sponsor for his/her food.  One $20.00 Sponsor for tuition, etc.  if you fully sponsor your child for $55.00, he/she will not have any other Sponsors.

Children's Home Sponsorship and Scholarship:  It is more costly to support a child in our children's home due to staff and other expenses.  All the children are enrolled in an international school, 1/2 have both Cambodian and English curriculum.  So unless someone is able to sponsor the entire amount, most children have more than one sponsor for daily care, and schooling.  

Is it possible to send gifts to my child?

The cost of sending things to Cambodia is very expensive.  If at times you want to bless your child it would be best to include a little extra in your monthly gift.  Put a note with it and we will make sure that your child receives something.

Can I visit the child?

YES!  It is possible to visit your child.  We would be honored to take you to where they live so that you can really get a feel of how they live.  You can have an opportunity to pray with your precious child.

Is it possible to communicate with my child?

We encourage you to pray for your child, write letters, send photo of your and your family (sent via email and printed out).  This makes a lasting bond for eternity.

The last big question, "How do I know this is a real child?"

Wilma Mishler, Founder and President of Sunbeam Kids International lives 10 minutes from the orphanage and visits weekly.  She personally knows each child, often taking the pictures of the children herself.  Wilma and her husband, Jerry, are full-time missionaries to Cambodia since January, 2002.  The children are real and we are thankful for hearts touched by God to help these poor and destitute children through a Sponsorship.