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Children at Risk Program


                Giving them Hope

                                          Changing their Future

We believe that every child should be able...


TO RECEIVE AN EDUCATION:  In Cambodia the cost of primary school is from $10 - $15 dollars per month, plus cost of uniform and school supplies.  This results in many families are not able to provide for their children's education.  Through our Children at Risk Program we are able help a sponsored child receive an education. . 

TO HAVE ENOUGH FOOD TO EAT:  Through our Children at Risk Program we supplement rice to the family our sponsored child.

TO RECEIVE MEDICAL CARE:  Our Children at Risk Program will help a sponsored child to receive medical care, provide transportation costs to children's medical centers.

TO BE SAFE FROM CHILD TRAFFICKING: When a family does not have money to feed their child, nor send a child to school, the child  becomes vulnerably to be a victim of child trafficking.  This unfortunately happens all over the world.  Desperate people do desperate things.  Often it is the child who becomes the victim.

TO LEARN ABOUT JESUS:  Our Children at Risk Program connects the sponsored child to the Children's Pastors of our Sunbeam Kids Bible Clubs.  A sponsored child will be able to attend the weekly Bible Club in their area so they can learn about Jesus.  The child's family will be encouraged to attend a Church or a House Church.

"Giving them Hope - Changing their Future"


                Change a Child's Life Forever



                               Become a child sponsor today

Sponsor a Child


Your gift of $35 each month brings hope and change to a sponsored child's life and their family.  You'll help our Children at Risk Program be able to provide for your child's education, food, medical care, a safer environment in which to live, and attend one of our Sunbeam Kids Village Bible Clubs for spiritual nurturing. 



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